Swine Flu : Top stories from the last 72 hours. -- (2 oct. 2010)

1.Worldwide Spread of H1N1 Multi-Drug Resistance - XDR 



2.Experts: New H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic (Unlikely WebMD) 


3.Pregnant women to be vaccinated against flu for first time

      Telegraph.co.uk - Women's Health 


4.Swine flu deaths climb to 20 

      New Zealand Herald 


5.H1N1 flu virus can mutate in immunosuppressed patients - study 

      Reuters - World 


6.Silent killer H1N1 on rise in state Mid Day -



7.Sixteenth person dies from swine flu 

      New Zealand Herald - Politics 


8.Two new swine flu deaths confirmed 



9.DoH mulls regular flu jab for pregnant women 

      Healthcare Republic 


10.H1N1 flu virus can mutate in immunosuppressed patients: study 

      Reuters - Health 

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