Bird Flu : Top Stories for the last week. -- 2 oct. 2010


1.Protecting Against Animal Pandemics -     A Biological Solution 

       (Medical News Today) 


2.Orientation against swine flu, bird flu in Banke 

       (Himalayan Times) 


3.Pregnant women added to flu jab list 



4.Novartis Obtains CHMP Positive Opinion For Its Investigational Pre-pandemic Influenza Vaccine Aflunov® To Help Protect... 

       (Medical News Today) 


5.US slammed by WTO over law banning Chinese poultry

       (Farmers Weekly Interactive - Agriculture) 


6.Inovio’s SynCon™ Universal Influenza DNA Vaccine Technology Recognized With NIH Director’s Transformative... 

      (The Street - Markets) 


7.Flu vaccine positive opinion from CHMP 

       (Pharmacy Europe)


8.WTO says US ban on Chinese poultry is illegal 

       (FoodNavigator.com) (USA) 


9.Novartis obtains CHMP positive opinion for its investigational pre-pandemic influenza...

       (WebWire - Infectious Disease Control) 

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