Bird Flu : Last News. -- (30/08/10)



1.Egypt reports 36th death of bird flu





              (People's Daily - Business) 

2.Egypt confirms new human case of bird flu

                    (China Business Weekly - BizChina)

3.Bird flu breakout in Vietnam


4.Portable PCR kit for detection of avian flu in wild birds


5.Bird Flu Detection Takes a Novel Turn

                   (Yahoo! US - Health) 

6.Dogs, Rodents May Prevent Future Epidemics

                   (Discovery Channel - Animals) 

7.Bahrain on the alert for bird flu

                  (AME Info (Press Releases) 

8.Swine flu vaccine arrives in Nepal

                  (Himalayan Times) 

9.Dogs and Mice Sniff Feces to Prevent International Avian Flu Epidemic.

                   (Fast Company) 

10.Tracking Bird Flu, One Poop at a Time

                  (Wired.com - Blogs: Science) 

11.Four-Legged Biosensors Sniff Out Bird Flu

                  (Scientific American - Basic Science) 

12.'Biosensors' on 4 feet detect animals infected with bird flu


13.Four-Footed 'Biosensors' Detect Animals Infected With Bird Flu.

                  (Medical News Today) 

14.Scientists create a four-legged flu detector

                  ( Los Angeles Times - Health)

15.'Biosensors' on four feet detect animals infected with bird flu.


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