Fixing of 125del In Human H5N1 In Egypt. -- (


....An earlier paper , “Characterization of conserved properties of hemagglutinin of H5N1 and human influenza viruses: possible consequences for therapy and infection control” had noted similarities between H5N1and seasonal H1N1, raising concerns of increased human transmission (H2H) of H5N1 with 125del.  This concern was increased by the recent paper describing the detection of H5N1 in donkeys and serological evidence of widespread H5N1 antibodies in donkeys........Since Egypt does not H5N1 test patients who do not have a poultry contact, the full extent of H5N1 remains largely unknown. Serological testing has been discussed for over a year.  During that time a serological survey on donkeys was conducted, which showed widespread antibodies in donkey serum.....

Fixing of 125del In Human H5N1 In Egypt .

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