3 BP Deletion in Donkey H5N1 Links to H1N1. -- (Recombinomics)


.......The detection of H5N1 in donkeys raised concerns that H5N1 was also in horses and camels as well as other mammals, including humans, but was not described because of a lack of testing / reporting, which extends to other regions and sub-clades........The identical 3 BP deletion was also found in China  in clade 7 in Shanxi and Hunan province in 2006, raising concerns of widespread transmission in mammals in China including humans........  The mild nature of many of the cases in Egypt raise concerns of silent spread and recombination in humans or other mammals co-infected with pH1N1, giving rise to more recombinants including H5N1 which is more transmissible in humans, or H1N1 which is more lethal in humans.

3 BP Deletion in Donkey H5N1 Links to H1N1 

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