3 BP Deletion in Donkey H5N1 In Egypt. -- (Recombinomics)


In this study, we isolated H5N1 form donkeys clinically affected with moderate respiratory distress including cough, fever and serous nasal discharge. The course of the disease was short (72 H)

......” and raise concerns that H5N1 may be silently spreading in mammals in Egypt....The sequences from these milder cases contained the 3 BP deletion, raising concerns that the deletion allowed for efficient spread of H5N1 in humans, which was largely undetected because of the mild nature of the infection......The potential role of the 3 BP deletion raises concerns that H5N1 may be much more widespread in humans.  The same deletion has been reported in clade 7 in China, raising additional concerns of human infections......Like all countries, both Egypt and China have significant pH1N1 activity raising concerns of dual infections and recombination between H5N1 and H1N1.......indicates surveillance in human populations as well as other mammalian species should be significantly enhanced and include humans without know exposures to poultry.

3 BP Deletion in Donkey H5N1 In Egypt 

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