CHINA : LUNAR NEW YEAR ..... H5N1 + A(H1N1)v = ???

  1. Lunar new year spending up strongly-Woman infected by bird flu in ...

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    Shanghai -- China's consumer spending rose strongly during the week-long Lunar New Year holiday period which just ended, the Ministry of Commerce said on....
  2. Fatal H1N1 RBD Change S188N in Hunan China? | Chen Qi -The World ...

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    2 Jan 2010 ... China: Concern Over The Spring Travel Season ... vast countryside and there could be a spike in cases around the Lunar New Year period when ? nouvel-an-chinois
    Le 14 fébrier 2010.

    Tens of millions of Chinese take to the rails, roads, and air during the most important holiday of the traditional calendar, creating crowded conditions ideal for the spread of the virus. The holiday period this year runs from late January into February.

    "During the 2010 New Year and Lunar New Year period, various factors such as spring travel, tourism, shopping, and other group activities will increase the risk of H1N1 infection," the Health Ministry said in a bulletin posted on its Web site Sunday.

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