Transmission of Fatal H1N1 D225G/N Accelerates Concerns. -- (Recombinomics)


...while D225G was in 1918 and 1919 samples and linked to a change in receptor binding domain specificities which would target subsets of cells in the lung.  In addition, the polymorphism was jumping from one genetic background to another signaling recombination and increased rise that the polymorphisms would continue to jump to new genetic backgrounds........

.....Thus, the recent data demonstrates a case fatality rate at or near 100% in multiple countries, with clustering of polymorphisms and patients consistent with transmission and recombination.  Moreover, Mill Hill ran an antigenicity test on one of the Ukraine samples and found it to be a low reactor, raising concerns that changes at position 225 will become more common in the next H1N1 wave, which could have catastrophic consequences, while WHO is trying to construct a defense for its outdated random mutations as an explanation of viral evolution............

Transmission of Fatal H1N1 D225G/N Accelerates Concerns

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