The WHO Surprise on D225G / D225N H1N1 Fatalities. -- (Recombinomics)


.....The association of D225G and D225N is severe and fatal cases since the summer has been remarkable, especially since the vast majority of pandemic H1N1 infections are mild and resolve without treatment.  In contrast, nearly 100% of recent cases with D225G, D225N, or both have been fatal or severe.......

...This "random mutation" paradigm constantly produces "surprises", for which the above "experts" readily acknowledge on a very regular basis.  They were surprised and baffled by H274Y Tamiflu resistance in patients infected with seasonal H1N1, and will again be surprised and baffled by the same result in pandemic H1N1....

....WHO's reliance on consultants who try to use random mutation to explain these examples of 100% case fatality rates in multiple countries is cause for increasing concern.


The WHO Surprise on D225G / D225N H1N1 Fatalities

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