H1N1 RBD D225G and D225N in Mexican Swine. -- (Recombinomics)


....The association of the D225G and D225N combination with fatal cases reduces the likelihood that the swine outbreak in Queretaro, Mexico was cause by human to swine transmission.  However, these sequences do raise concerns of swine acting as reservoir for such changes. D225G is common in swine and the number of swine outbreaks continues to rise worldwide.  Both Russia and South Korea have filed immediate OIE reports this week, and the report from South Korea is on 15 outbreaks throughout the country.  Similarly, the number of reports of H1N1 in other species continues to grow almost daily. This week the detection of H1N1 in a dog in New York confirms canine cases in China, and there have been multiple reports on domestic cats and ferrets, which in association with multiple reports of H1N1 in turkeys, suggest the number of H1N1 infected species is large and growing....


H1N1 RBD D225G and D225N in Mexican Swine

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