Tamiflu Resistance Spike in US Raises Transparency Concerns. -- (Recombinomics)


This recent spike in cases has also been reported by WHO and raises concerns that H274Y is efficiently transmitting.  Moreover, recent deaths of patients with H274Y in the US (four of ten) and the Netherlands (four of eleven) have raised concerns that patients with H274Y also have D225G, which has been associated with fatal cases in the US, Ukraine, Norway, Brazil, and France.  Moreover, patients with D225G coupled with H274Y have been reported in France and the United States .......

The failure of the CDC to report any patients who developed H274Y after prolonged treatment, and the efficient transmission of H274Y in Vietnam in July, raise concerns that the weekly reports by the CDC are carefully designed to withhold key information such as the H274Y status prior to treatment, the dates and locations of samples, as well as outcomes of patients who are H274Y positive......

This lack of transparency continues to be hazardous to the world's health.

 Raises Transparency Concerns

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