Hidden Transmission of H1N1Tamiflu Resistance. -- (Recombinomics)


As seen in the cluster from Vietnam, the "association" of Tamiflu treatment has no relevance because the patients were resistant prior to treatment.  However, the reporting by WHO leaves the impression that the association with treatment was relevant, when the vast majority of the time it is not (because the patients are resistant prior to treatment)......

....In cases where H274Y is detected after treatment has begun, the relationship between the treatment and the generation of resistance is likely to be more related to detection of resistance than creation of resistance.  In the first cases in Singapore, the patient initially tested as wild type, but was H274Y positive two days later, suggesting H274Y was already circulating as a minor species............

Thus, neither WHO, CDC, nor Roche have presented data supporting a spontaneous mutation in seasonal H1N1 or pandemic H1N1, although all frequently cite random mutation as the underlying basis of antigenic drift.

This slanted reporting and poor surveillance continue to be hazardous to the world's health.

Hidden Transmission of H1N1Tamiflu Resistance

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