H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance Crosses Tipping Point. -- (Rcombinomics).


The coments above suggest : ".....claims no evidence suggests that the sharp spike in cases, or the clear human to human transmission, is a public health threat, but the evidence in the report alone clearly identifies a threat.  Moreover, the numbers in the report appear to represent only a subset of associated evidence, which raises concerns that a tipping point has been reached and readily detectable H274Y will be reported in the upcoming weeks, signaling the early stages of fixing H274Y in pandemic H1N1, as happened in seasonal H1N1.".......

Thus, the explosion of cases with H274Y is expected to continue to rise and create more problems in the management of patients.  H274Y will eliminate Tamiflu and Peramivir and limit anti-virals to Relenza, which will further strain the health care system.........

H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance Crosses Tipping Point

La résistance au Tamiflu croise  le point  de basculement. (level point ).

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