WHO Silence on D225G Immune Escape Raises Concerns. == (Recombinomics)


However, early data on the development of the attenuated vaccine target indicated that there was no difference between the response to wild type and D225G.  These differences have not been explained, although the testing of the candidate vaccine target would be on the cold adapted background, while the testing that produced the "low reactor" designation would be on the D225G on its natural swine H1N1 background.

This designation has serious implications because there is direct and circumstantial evidence that D225G is circulating as a mixture , and immune responses that fail to target D226G can shift the ratio in favor of D225G, which could lead to a significant rise in severe and fatal cases.........

The failure of the WHO or CDC to comment on the low reactor status of the Ukraine sequences from fatal patients is also cause for concern.  More detail on this designation, and vaccine plans to address this issue, would be useful........


WHO Silence on D225G Immune Escape Raises Concerns

What about the efficacy of the  current   attenuated vaccine ????    Dr MSFV

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