REMINDER : November 7, 2009 -- Withheld Ukraine Sequences Raise Pandemic Concerns. -- (Recombinomics)



....Mill Hill has acknowledged that they have at least 15 H1N1 positive samples from Ukraine, which would identify a Ukranian specific change.  The delay in the announcement of sequence results raises concerns that such changes have been detected, and such changes are undergoing further analysis.......However, the rapid spread of H1N1 in Ukraine (see map ), coupled with the high frequency of hemorrhagic pneumonia raise concerns that a small change is leading to a more virulent virus.  Similarly, the rapid spread of the virus could also be affected by a small change in another gene, such as HA, which controls entry of the virus to cells and influences tissue tropism.......More detail on the sequences at Mill Hill is overdue.  The rapid spread of H1N1 in Ukraine demands rapid sequence results.  Continued delay will only increase concerns.

Withheld Ukraine Sequences Raise Pandemic Concerns

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