Total Destruction of Lungs in Ukraine Fatal H1N1 Cases. -- (Recombinomics)



....The above translation is from an announcement today from the Ukraine Ministry of Health describe 90 fatalities (see map ) associated with community acquired pneumonia.  The full report included the age distribution, which exactly match distribution reported previously by other countries for swine H1N1..........The above description of these fatalities increase the need for the immediate release of sequences from H1N1 isolated from the lungs of these fatal cases......Samples were sent to Mill Hill a week ago and only a minimal description (no "large" changes and no anti-viral resistance) of the sequence data.  As the number of reports of sequences with receptor binding domain changes in isolates from lungs of fatal H1N1 cases increase, the need for full and rapid disclosure of sequences from large outbreaks such as the one in Ukraine become a major health care imperative.


Total Destruction of Lungs in Ukraine Fatal H1N1 Cases

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