Pandemic H1N1 Spread in Swine Raises Pandemic Concern. -- (Recombinomics)


...Other countries, including Canada , Argentina , Australia , Ireland , Norway , have filed OIE reports, while media reports have described additional outbreaks in Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, and now the United States.  In addition, Chile has filed a report on infections in turkeys. ..Moreover, in many of not most instances, the efficient transmission in swine and turkeys has precluded curing flocks or herds and the birds and animals have been destroyed......Thus far genetic drift has been minimal and there have been no reports of shifts due to reassortment.  However, as the virus spreads in humans, there will be more selection pressure for drift variants, which may be facilitated by passage of the virus through other species, including swine......

Pandemic H1N1 Spread in Swine Raises Pandemic Concerns

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