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These observations support the potential role of the pig as a mixing vessel of influenza viruses from avian and human sources.......The unique co-circulation of influenza A viruses within European swine may lead to pigs serving as a mixing vessel for reassortment between influenza viruses from mammalian and avian hosts with unknown implications for both humans and pigs. It would appear that human H1 viruses are able to perpetuate in pigs following genetic reassortment........The pig has been a contender for the role of intermediate host for reassortment of influenza A viruses of avian and human origin since they are the only mammalian species which are domesticated, reared in abundance and are susceptible to, and allow productive replication, of avian and human influenza viruses.........This could lead to the generation of new strains of influenza some of which may be able to transmit to other species including humans........This concept is supported by the detection of human-avian reassortant viruses in European pigs with some evidence for subsequent transmission to the human population.....

Influenza Virus Infections of Pigs

Transmission between pigs and other species

Dr. Ian H. Brown

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